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Understanding the Disappearing Deductible

Are you a Dealership that has a repair facility attached to your business? If so, this option is for you. Offering your customers the option to select the disappearing deductible can bring the customer back to your locations for repairs or maintenance and helps to minimize the out of pocket expense to your customer.

When this option is added to a VSC, the customer is more likely to bring the car back to you, the selling dealership, for repairs. The typical $100 deductible is waived and, in when the claim is approved, Alpha Warranty is responsible for the full cost of the repair.

This provides you the opportunity to build a long-term relationship, by showing the customer you have given them every opportunity to keep their expenses down.  In the scenario below, you can see how easy this can be.

Good morning this is Bob how can I help you?

Good morning Bob this is Carol Smith, I purchased my car about 2 months ago and this morning it will not start.

Bob – I’m sorry to hear that Carol. I remember you, and I believe you purchased an Alpha Warranty. Please call your road side assistance and get the car towed into us right away, we will get it looked at ASAP.

Carol – Thank you Bob, I am very concerned, I can’t go without my car. I will get it to you ASAP.

2 hours later at the shop.

Bob – Ok Carol we have figured out what is happening. The starter in your car has failed, I have already contacted Alpha Warranty. The starter is covered under your service contract. I have submitted the claim and they provided the authorization to move forward. I have the part ordered it should be here within the hour.

Carol – Thank you Bob, but what is this going to cost me? I am between paychecks and do not have any extra money?

Bob – Fortunately you added the Disappearing Deductible option when you purchased your service contract. Since you brought it back to us for this repair the $100 deductible has been waived.

Carol – That is Awesome Bob, Thank you so much! I will be bringing my car back here for any issues I may have in the future! 

The Disappearing Deductible works great at helping customer come in to get service done at your dealership. Studies show that customers that trust the service drive are more likely to return to the dealership for their next car purchase too. The Disappearing Deductible is a small upsell that results in huge returns in customer trust and loyalty.


Kathy R

Kathy has been with Team Alpha for 4 years. She started in our customer service department, moved into claims and now is in our processing department. She boasts over 10 years in the warranty industry.

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