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Alpha Warranty's Story: A Veteran Owned Company Built on Integrity

Alpha Warranty’s Story: A Veteran Owned Company Built on Integrity

As President of Alpha Warranty Services, I often get asked about how our company got started. I must admit, it’s a story I love being able to tell. I joined the company in 2007 as employee number three and have seen the company grow to become a very successful vehicle service contract provider that services a wide variety of customers and contract holders across the United States. Alpha's story is both unique and inspiring.

An Inspiring Founding Story

Alpha was founded in 2002 by a father and son team. The father, Craig, a retired military commander, had learned about the vehicle protection industry through an acquaintance and became an agent for a plan provider in the Idaho area. After signing up several dealerships, he started receiving complaints about unpaid claims, so Craig approached the owner of that company and, when it became clear the owner had no intention of taking care of those contract holders and dealerships, Craig reported that he felt a responsibility to follow through with the commitments he had made.

That's when Craig decided to talk to his son, Steve Rosenvall, Alpha Warranty’s owner and CEO, who had recently returned from serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan as part of the 19th Special Forces Group. Steve had saved up his military funds from his time on active duty and, when Craig explained the situation to him, agreed to fund the startup of a new company they called Alpha Warranty Services.

Together, Craig and Steve approached the dealerships that had been abandoned by the other company and offered to cover the claims if they would switch to Alpha as their provider. By remaining true to the ideal of doing the right thing, Alpha Warranty honored several contracts, developed valued partnerships, and started a business that today serves not only those few original partners, but thousands of dealers and contract holders across the country, many of which are repeat customers.

This simple gesture built Alpha Warranty on the principle of integrity and doing what’s right. The same values have guided our company ever since.


Keeping Focused on Our Values

Over the past 18 years, Alpha has grown from just three people to a team of over one hundred. Although we’re proud of our history and the foundations upon which we were built, today, we are just as focused and dedicated to our mission and values as we were back then, while continuing to strive to do the right thing for our customers.

[Link to Alpha’s Mission & Values Statement]

These are the values that have helped us become repeatedly recognized as one of Utah’s top workplaces. Employees of Alpha Warranty regularly attest to the enjoyable and empowering atmosphere fostered in the office that we work hard to maintain. For example, we hold regular employee events like monthly all-hands company meetings. These meetings foster business transparency, an open-door management policy, and a commitment to sponsoring fun company events like renting theaters for movie premiers or family game nights for after-hours entertainment. We also sponsor an award-winning employee wellness program focused on the physical and mental wellbeing of every employee. And our free lunch Friday is a very popular perk that is greatly anticipated each week. These are just a few of the ways we’ve shown that providing an empowering and engaging work environment leads to excellent service to our agents, dealers, and contract holders. 

Another way we are living our values is our firm belief in valuing people over profit. This belief has prompted us to create a program we call “Delivering the Unexpected,” which stems from our desire to not just do what we’re contractually obligated to do, but to go above and beyond whenever possible to brighten someone’s day. At its core, each Alpha employee is encouraged to recognize and recommend situations in the lives of customers or other employees when the company should deliver more than is expected.

For example, when one of our employees became aware of a customer with an especially difficult family situation, she took it upon herself to send them flowers on behalf of the company. Another case was when we learned of a customer who had to drive many hours for their child’s medical treatment, our customer service group sent her a gift box containing an in-car DVD player and screen to help the child pass the hours while on the road. These are little acts of service that demonstrate Alpha’s commitment to valuing people. In addition to our “Delivering the Unexpected” philosophy, all Alpha employees are offered VTO (Volunteer Time Off) hours they can use to serve in local charities while “on the clock.” Working with their teams and managers, Alpha employees are encouraged to “give back” by volunteering time and energy to causes they believe in.  

But it’s not only our employees who benefit from Alpha’s commitment to doing the right thing. Our customers have also noticed that working with Alpha Warranty is different from dealing with other vehicle service contract administrators.

We regularly receive notes and reviews from our agents, dealer partners, our valued contract holders, and dedicated repair facilities expressing appreciation for our courteous and professional approach to providing the industry’s best service. As a company, we are grateful for the more than 1,200 four and five star reviews for Alpha Warranty on Google that show why we are one of the fastest growing providers in the F&I industry and is further proof of the excellent products we offer and the service our dedicated customer service team provides.

What the Future Holds

I’m excited about our future. Our past has laid a strong foundation for us as a company and that foundation puts us in a great position to continue our growth into the future. With all Alpha has to offer, we know we’ll continue to recruit great people to join our team who, in turn, will provide the industry’s best service to our customers and partners. Through carefully nurtured partnerships with our agents and dealers, we will continue to create products that serve our customers’ needs in an ever-evolving economy while protecting the lifestyles of our valued contract holders with vehicle protection plans that deliver unrivaled customer experiences.


Jeremy Lindsey
President of Alpha Warranty Services

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