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5 Things Dealers Should Have on their About Us Page

After viewing hundreds of dealership websites from all over the country, I’ve noticed an interesting trend; most dealers don’t leverage their “About Us” page as well as they could. Maybe they see this page as unnecessary, or perhaps they don’t know what to include. The “About Us” page can be a powerful promotional tool when used correctly. It can foster trust and brand loyalty, help with your site’s rank on search engines, and answer some of the important questions your customers have about doing business with you.

Below are the top 5 things you should include to make your “About Us” page the powerful promotional tool it should be.

1. Customer Testimonials

One of the reasons a person would navigate to your site’s “About Us” page is to help them decide if they want to do business with you. They want to know who you are and, more important, if they can trust your business to address a need or help them solve a problem. Seeing testimonials from others who found value in your business offering will help them know they’ve come to the right place. 82% of car buyers reported that seeing positive testimonials on a dealer’s website increased their perceived trustworthiness of that dealer and increased their likelihood of taking the next step and engaging in a transaction.

2. Team Introduction

This is a great place to introduce the people on your team. Include photos of each team member, or at least the ones customers are likely to meet and interact with during a transaction. Choose a consistent, well-lighted spot in your dealership where each picture will be taken. This will help create a feeling of continuity which will help make visitors feel like your dealership is well-established and professional.

Along with pictures include a short biography section for each team member. In each bio, include the person’s name, title, and some interesting facts about them. Remember that this is more than a resume section. Potential buyers will want to feel like they already know and like the people they will work with during a visit to your dealership. People automatically feel a kinship with people who have common interests, so mention one or two interests or hobbies for each team member.

3. Company History and Philosophy

Whether your dealership is brand new or has been in business for generations, this section is a valuable part of your “About Us” page. Include information that will enhance the perceived value of your company. Of course, the age of your company will change how you approach this section.

If your dealership has a long history, take the time to talk about it. Too many established dealerships just give the year they were founded with a short phrase like “We’ve served our community since ____” Instead tell them your story.

Here are some ideas of things to talk about: When did you hire your first full time salesperson? When did you sell your 100th vehicle? How about the 1,000th or 10,000th? Did you ever change your location? What community events or efforts have you participated in? Have you survived severe economic downturns or natural disasters? What did you learn from them?

Regardless of the age of your dealership, you should talk about your philosophy or mission. Think of it as your “Why.”  Why did your community need a new dealership? Why should people come to you instead of your competition? What unique value do you bring to customers?

The most common mistake I see dealers make when describing their unique value proposition is they use overused words and phrases. Using words like integrity, trust, or honest are overused in today’s marketing. It may be true that you value integrity, but using that word makes you look like every other business that uses it. The value of a unique value proposition is that it is unique. Saying the same thing everyone else says eliminates your uniqueness.

One dealer did this very well. They didn’t use the words integrity or honest anywhere in their material. Instead they talked about being the “double check” dealer. Every car was double checked for quality. Each deal was double checked to benefit the customer. Every step was double checked, and they talked about it. By talking about their “double check” policy, they demonstrated their integrity without sounding like their competition.

4. Address and Map

Including your address and a map will not only help people find your lot, it will also help people find your website. Search engines use the address information on your site as a ranking factor in local search results. That means that including a clear address section on your “About Us” page will help your site show up higher in search results. It is also advisable to include your address on each page of your site to make it that much easier to find. Embedding a map on your “About Us” page also helps people have a better idea of where you are. It’s easy to embed an interactive google map on your site, just click here to get started.

5. F&I Products Available

Every savvy auto dealer knows that the real profits are in F&I. Yet the average closing rate on VSCs is only 28%. One easy way to improve your sales is to include information about your F&I offerings on your website. The ““About Us”” page is a great place to start the conversation. Showcase the benefits of each of your offerings here, with links going to a deeper dive into each product.

Today’s customers start their buyer journey online. They want to know everything about the purchase before they come to your store. If they can gain a positive impression of VSCs while browsing your site, they will be more likely to make the purchase when presented with the option. Highlight the benefits of peace of mind, being covered in the event of a breakdown, and possible increase in resale value. You can also feature customer testimonials. If you don’t have testimonials of your own yet, you can use testimonials from Alpha Warranty’s Google reviews for any Alpha Warranty product.

The Last Thing to Remember

An important part of your “About Us” page is keeping it up to date. It’s one of the great business ironies that people may not notice when things are done right, but they certainly notice when something isn’t. Outdated or incorrect information on your website will be the thing they remember when they come see you. I suggest adding a task to your monthly calendar to review your “About Us” page and make any updates that are needed at that time.   

These five sections can either all be on the same page or broken into an “About Us” section of the website. If you decide to break them up, leave your address and map on the main, or primary, “About Us” page along with your other contact information. The reason for this is that many customers will click on “About Us” to find your address, phone number, and email.

You already know that your dealership website can drive sales for you. Dedicating a little more time to your “About Us” page will help you leverage your site toward achieving your sales goals.

Zach Hicken has spent the last twenty years helping companies increase their value through effective marketing efforts. His specialty is digital marketing, which includes SEO, SEM, social marketing, and email marketing. He has been part of the Alpha Warranty marketing team since 2018.

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